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Let's Chat w/ Tony O'Neill, Simplify Vegetable Gardening

February 28, 2024 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 2 Episode 5
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Let's Chat w/ Tony O'Neill, Simplify Vegetable Gardening
Show Notes

Grow your best garden ever with tips and tricks from author and YouTuber Tony O’Neill! After listening to this interview you’ll be ready to grow a healthier and more productive vegetable garden than ever before!

Tony O’Neill has been creating educational gardening content for the last fourteen years and in 2020, he launched the wildly popular YouTube channel Simplify Gardening. Tony believes gardening’s appeal is linked to nature’s generous response to nurturing, which is proven by his growing near-record-sized cabbages (67 lbs.), squashes (131 lbs.), rhubarb, and potatoes in abundance. Tony is joining us on the show to share some gardening tips and tricks and to talk about his new book Simplify Vegetable Gardening.  

If you revel in nature's response to your gardening and are curious about the science behind it, Simplify Vegetable Gardening is your guide. The first book to blend botany, biology, and earth science with food gardening, it introduces an exciting, science-driven approach to growing more food. In Tony's words, it's "the culmination of my four decades tending the earth, learning its secrets, and respecting its cycles."

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