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GMO Tomatoes, Oh My! + Ask an Herbalist w/ Kristine Brown

February 14, 2024 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 2 Episode 4
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
GMO Tomatoes, Oh My! + Ask an Herbalist w/ Kristine Brown
Show Notes

Are you ready for the new GMO Purple Tomato?!? What impact will this new variety have on our health, our gardens, or our tomato seed saving? Bevin unpacks this latest development in the gardening world, then sits down for a relaxing chat with herbalist, author, and educator Kristine Brown

Kristine Brown is helping parents teach their kids about herbalism, one herb at a time. She created the only children’s herbal curriculum that uses all four styles of learning and she has taught classes and coordinated numerous herbal conference kids’ camps both locally and nationally. She is the writer and illustrator of the online children’s publication Herbal Roots zine, and the creator of several online courses that teach children about botany, drawing, and herbs. 

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Before the interview, Bevin talks about the new GMO Purple Tomato from Norfolk Plant Sciences. He digs into the differences between genetically modified and traditionally bred crops and how this new purple tomato might impact your garden plans. 

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