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Let's Chat w/ Felicia Ruiz, Kitchen Curandera

January 31, 2024 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 2 Episode 3
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Let's Chat w/ Felicia Ruiz, Kitchen Curandera
Show Notes

What does it mean to be a kitchen curandera? What’s the difference between Indigenous food and local food? We’ll learn all this and much more when we sit down to chat with traditional healer and award-winning author Felicia Ruiz. 

We’ll also talk about Felicia’s book Earth Medicines, winner of the 2022 Reading the West Award: Eating The West and the 2023 LULAC Book Award! Earth Medicines is an accessible guide to time-honored Indigenous wisdom, healing recipes, and wellness rituals for modern life from an experienced curandera. 

You can learn more about Felicia’s work and get your copy of Earth Medicines at 

This great book is also available on Amazon at

Before the interview, Bevin talks about the latest issue of Homestead Living Magazine. This new monthly publication also includes an annual compendium of the year’s best articles. The most recent annual includes Bevin’s article about small-scale seed and nut oil production as well as dozens of articles about beekeeping, gardening, baking, raising chickens and so much more! This is a wonderful publication for gardeners, homesteaders and anyone else interested in more sustainable lifestyles. 

You can learn more and subscribe to the magazine here:

Bevin also shares some exciting updates about his newest book – he’s been hard at work all winter working on this new project for Ogden Publications where he digs into all sorts of food preservation techniques, from canning and pickling, to smoking, salting, fermentation and more! He explores the history of how these preservation techniques developed, all the way up to modern uses... plus, there’s a ton of recipes too!

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