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Five Questions w/ Tina Sams, The Essential Herbal

January 17, 2024 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 2 Episode 2
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Five Questions w/ Tina Sams, The Essential Herbal
Show Notes

From selling herbs at the renaissance fair to editing one of the most influential herbal magazines of the decade, Tina Sams has done it all! She’s joining us on the podcast for a special herbal edition of 5 Questions.

We talk about her early days running an herb shop at a renaissance festival in the 90s, growing Jerusalem artichokes and horseradish, plus we dig into the International Herb Association’s Herb of the Year Books and Tina even shares her go-to herbal tea recipe for managing stress... this episode is packed! 

Beginning with an herb shop at the local renaissance faire, Tina (along with her sister Maryanne) has dabbled in many different types of herbal businesses. She's published The Essential Herbal Magazine for more than 20 years and has written more than a dozen books about herbs.  

Learn more about Tina’s work and The Essential Herbal Magazine at

Tina’s shoutout was the Black Walnut Botanical Conference and the Pennsylvania Tea Festival

Before the interview, Bevin shares a little bit about a recent family trip to Chicago. We enjoyed a wonderful band at Andy’s Jazz Club and ate what might be the best dumplings in Chicago at Hing Kee in Chinatown.

 We recently got the first big snow storm of the season and now we’re more ready than ever for spring to arrive! We’re keeping busy with various projects including planning for our 8th annual Central Michigan Seed Swap

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