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Let's Chat w/ Sarah Hall, Planting by the Signs

November 08, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 26
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Let's Chat w/ Sarah Hall, Planting by the Signs
Show Notes

Can the moon help your beans grow? In today’s episode, author and professor of agriculture Sarah Hall is joining us on the podcast to talk about planting by the signs and her new book, Sown in the Stars

Learn about this traditional practice of working with the moon phases and astrological signs to guide your planting schedule. We’ll discuss when is the best time to plant, harvest and preserve your crops, according to the stars. 

Sarah will share stories about the many interviews she conducted while working on the book, as well as her experiences planting by the stars in her own garden! 

Learn more about Sarah’s work and order a copy of her new book at

It’s also available on Amazon at:

Before the interview, Bevin shares some Small House updates. Planning is already well underway for the 8th annual Central Michigan Seed Swap that will be taking place on Saturday February 24th in Midland, Michigan. This is the largest seed swap in the Midwest and we’d love to have you join us if you can! Check out all the info at You can also find the swap on Facebook:

He also shared some details about a new book project he’s working on for Ogden Publications about the history of food preservation. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on this exciting new project! 

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