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Gardening Can Be Murder w/ Marta McDowell

October 25, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 25
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Gardening Can Be Murder w/ Marta McDowell
Show Notes

Join us for an extra special, spooky episode of Seeds & Weeds. In today’s episode, author and horticulturalist Marta McDowell is joining us on the podcast to talk about her new book, Gardening Can Be Murder

We'll also be talking about some of Marta’s previous books, including Bevin’s personal favorite, Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life. We’ll also get a sneak peek at an upcoming project, an updated edition of her 2016 book, All the Presidents’ Gardens

In Gardening Can Be Murder, New York Times best-selling author Marta McDowell explores the deeply rooted connection between gardens, writers, and mystery novels.
Following the path of a great mystery novel, Marta introduces readers to the detectives and scene of the crime, then explores the motive, means, and clues before gathering the suspects and solving the case of why gardening can be murder…

Check out Marta’s work and order a copy of her new book at

 Before the interview, Bevin explores the spirit of the season, and talks about death, rebirth and the timeless power of seeds. Learn about the Oaxacan Radish Festival, and the Celtic tradition of carving scary faces into turnips to ward off the spirit of Stingy Jack. 

Then we stock up on pie pumpkins from the farm down the road and press their seeds into delicate and flavorful oil. If you’d like to learn about pressing seed and nuts oils, you can find Bevin’s book, The Complete Guide to Seed & Nut Oils on our website. You can also order an oil press and get started pressing your own oils right at home! 

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