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Grow Fruit Trees Fast w/ Susan Poizner,

October 11, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 24
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Grow Fruit Trees Fast w/ Susan Poizner,
Show Notes

Want to grow sweet, tasty fruit in your own backyard? In today’s episode, author and fruit tree expert Susan Poizner is joining us on the podcast to share some fruit tree knowledge and talk about her latest book Grow Fruit Trees Fast.

We'll be talking about choosing the right fruit trees for your space, feeding the soil to keep your fruit trees healthy and how to prune your trees to maximize production. Susan will also tell us stories about her community orchard, her early life as a journalist and so much more!  

Susan is the author of two books about growing fruit trees, Growing Urban Orchards and Grow Fruit Trees Fast. She’s also the founder of Orchard People, an online educational program for folks that want to learn all about growing their own fruit trees right at home! Susan hosts a weekly podcast all about fruit trees too! 

You can learn more about Susan’s work, her online programs and her informative podcast at

During the interview, Susan mentions her list of reputable fruit tree nurseries. You can find that list here.

Before the interview Bevin talks about the signs of Autumn that are slowly creeping in at Small House Farm. We’re busy getting things ready for winter and that includes harvesting herbs and processing seeds.

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