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What We Sow w/ Jennifer Jewell, Cultivating Place

September 27, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 23
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
What We Sow w/ Jennifer Jewell, Cultivating Place
Show Notes

What do seeds mean to you? In today’s episode we’re talking with Jennifer Jewell, host of the Cultivating Place podcast and author of the new book, What We Sow: On the Personal, Ecological and Cultural Significance of Seeds.

We'll be discussing Jennifer's personal journey with seeds, the significant impact that seeds have on the world around us and why saving these precious seeds for future generations is more important now than ever before.  

Jennifer is a garden writer, educator and host of an award-winning radio program and podcast. Her previous books include Under Western Skies: Visionary Gardens from The Rockies to the Pacific Coast and The Earth in Her Hands: 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants.

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