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Let's Chat w/ Jessica Mitchell, Mother Earth News

June 21, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 16
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Let's Chat w/ Jessica Mitchell, Mother Earth News
Show Notes

Small-space gardening, sustainable living and the Mother Earth News Fair! Today we're sitting down to chat with Jessica Mitchell, host of the Mother Earth News & Friends podcast.

Jessica is an editor for Ogden Publications, where she helps to produce issues of Mother Earth News and Grit magazines. She moved from Pennsylvania to Kansas in 2017, when she started working for Ogden, and she quickly fell in love with the small towns, beautiful prairie, and open skies — though she does miss the Pennsylvania mountains. Outside of editing, Jessica enjoys reading and writing, wandering the Kansas trails, small-space gardening, and brewing a delicious cup of tea or coffee.

Jessica joins us for a chat that started off as a simple '5 Questions' but we really covered a lot of great topics during our conversation, including how Jessica's small-space garden is growing, as well her thoughts on sustainable lifestyles.

Join us for the Mother Earth News Fair, either in person or online! Find all the details and register here.

Check out the Mother Earth News & Friends Podcast here.

After the interview, Bevin talks about seed saving and the various seeds we're already harvesting this spring at Small House. We've collected seeds from komatsuna, which is a Japanese mustard green and spigariello, a very old Italian broccoli relative. Seed saving is really a year-round activity!

To wrap the episode, Bevin reads an excerpt from his 2019 book, Saving Our Seeds. This is a great seed saving how-to guide but it also features stories from a handful of inspirational seed keepers form around the country.
You can get a copy of Saving Our Seeds here.

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