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Five Questions w/ Greg Peterson, The Urban Farm

June 07, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 15
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Five Questions w/ Greg Peterson, The Urban Farm
Show Notes

Saving seeds, growing trees and eating peaches! Today we’re chatting with Greg Peterson, host of The Urban Farm Podcast. We’re going to talk about the importance of seed banks, how to grow elderberries and delicious homegrown peaches, when Greg answers 5 Questions. 

Greg Peterson is the creator and chief visionary of The Urban Farm and in 2015, he launched The Urban Farm Podcast. In Phoenix, Arizona, Greg created one of the first environmental showcases for urban farming on a ¼ acre plot that featured more than 80 fruit trees! Greg is passionate about providing people the tools and information they need to grow their own food! Learn more about Greg’s work and check out his podcast at

During the interview, Greg gives a shoutout to Enoch Graham from the Let’s Get Growing Youtube show... you might remember when Enoch  was on our podcast for an episode of ‘Ask a Gardener.’

Check out Enoch’s Youtube show:

Bevin was recently a guest on the program:

And here’s a link to Seeds & Weeds episode #3 featuring Enoch!

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 It’s been so hot and dry here lately, but we’ve been getting our planting done the best that we can. Recently in our Seeds & Weeds Facebook group we were talking about our favorite bean varieties… what beans are we growing at Small House Farm this summer? You can find out in today’s episode!

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