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Let's Chat w/ Del Barber, musician and farmer

May 10, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 13
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Let's Chat w/ Del Barber, musician and farmer
Show Notes

In this episode we’re sitting down to chat with Canadian farmer and singer-songwriter Del Barber. Del’s music has been nominated for countless awards and has received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone Magazine. In April 2023, Del released Almanac, his 8th studio album.

When he’s not touring or recording, Del is busy running his farm with his wife and kids––a massive 2000 acres of grain land as well as 250 pure bred cows. He raises and sells over 1,000 meat chickens per year and they yield a sustainable micro-farm with vegetables and flowers.

We’re going to talk with Del about how song writing is like storytelling, how he’s able to balance his farm life with life on the road and we’re going to hear songs from the new album!

You can learn more about Del and order your copy of Almanac at

Before the interview, we recap some of the fun we had at the recent Mother Earth News Fair in Kansas. We got to hang out with some old friends and meet many new friends while we were there! We even ran into Zach Loeks who you might remember from an earlier episode of the show! You can check out our interview with Zach here:

We had so much fun at the Mother Earth News Fair seed swap! Bevin got to spend time sharing stories with the one and only Ira Wallace from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange! It was a blast! We’ll be hosting another seed swap at the Pennsylvania fair - find all the details at 

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