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Gardening for Moths w/ Jim McCormac

April 19, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 11
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Gardening for Moths w/ Jim McCormac
Show Notes

Why are moths always cast as the villain? What’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly? We’ll find out today in this special bonus episode! Let’s sit down for a chat with botanist and photographer Jim McCormac to talk about his new book Gardening for Moths. Jim and his co-author Chelsea Gottfried have written a book unlike any other available on the market!

Gardening for Moths is the first book to show midwestern gardeners and naturalists why they should attract specific moth species to their properties and how to do it. The book’s stunning color photographs and intriguing facts reveal the fascinating world of these insects, inspiring readers to incorporate moth-loving native plants into their landscapes. 

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