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Five Questions w/ Brie Arthur + Chili Pepper Trivia w/ Annie Toro Lopez

March 01, 2023 Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm Season 1 Episode 7
Seeds & Weeds Podcast
Five Questions w/ Brie Arthur + Chili Pepper Trivia w/ Annie Toro Lopez
Show Notes

Foodscape gardener Brie Arthur shares her love affair with grains and Annie Toro Lopez plays Chili Pepper Trivia!

 Brie Arthur is an author, horticulturist, educator and host of the very popular Youtube channel Brie the Plant Lady. Today Brie is joining us for 5 Questions. We’ll have a chance to learn about why Brie loves growing grains as well as some recent challenges that she’s faced in the garden. She’ll also talk about her colleague Preston Montague and the important work that he is doing to promote native landscapes.  

You can learn more about Brie’s work at and follow her Youtube channel at:

Learn more about Preston Montague at

In the second half of the show, Bevin plays Chili Pepper Trivia with Annie Toro Lopez. Annie is an author, seed saver and owner of High Prairie Press. She recently published Huerfano’s Happy Heart: Favorite Green Chili Recipes and More. Annie tells us why preserving these special recipes is so important and which qualities determine the perfect green chili. Then we test her knowledge with a round of Chili Pepper Trivia! 

Learn more about Annie’s work and get your copy of Huerfano’s Happy Heart at
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